Apart from buying a house, a vehicle is likely to be the most significant purchase you will make. Unless you will be paying in cash, you will need to arrange secure financing and do background research before shopping around for a vehicle - just as you would before buying a house.

Firstly, you must shop around to secure the best possible loan. You can log onto our Car Finance section to find a reliable choice. By securing an online loan you will tend to get a lower APR, and approvals are usually done the same day, so there are none of the hidden fees that can happen with a dealership. You should avoid financing through a dealership if at all possible, as they are just the middlemen - there is likely to be a deal much better suited to you. When you are pre-approved by several financial institutions you will know how much you can afford to spend on a vehicle and how much you will need for a down payment. Log onto websites like ours to see examples of the prices of cars like the one you wish to buy. With this information to hand you will be well - prepared when you visit the dealer. Don't discuss financing until you have agreed on the purchase price of the vehicle. Once an agreement has been decided, you can get an offer from the dealer. Take their offer if it is better than those you have been pre-approved for, otherwise inform that you already have ways to finance the vehicle. The dealer may tell you that the deal hinges on financing through them. You can still use another pre-approved financing and go through the dealer - you just need your financing institution pay off the loan to complete the deal with the dealer. Therefore you can get a better deal without compromising too much.

Bear in mind that you should buy a vehicle from a dealer unless you are a close personal friend of the seller, in case of future trouble with the vehicle. Get a vehicle history report done when buying a used vehicle so that you can find out about any big problems. Order CARFAX Vehicle History Report to find out any potential problems with your car.

You need to shop around, look at insurance rates, negotiate prices and work out how much of a loan you can borrow, regardless of whether you are looking to buy a new or used car. Afterwards you can be pleased with your decision.

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