Car Dealers have a difficult job to do. They need to convince you to part with a large amount of your money in exchange for a new or used car. They go about this in a couple of ways. Either offer you a deal you can't refuse, or they can use your lack of knowledge to their advantage and over charge you for a car. We can help give you the knowledge so that the only other option out there is the good deal.

Step 1 - Understand how car dealers work

Begin by reading our "8 Tips for Dealing with Dealers". There is some very useful information about how car dealers work, and how to prepare for the negotiation.

Step 2 - Figure out what price dealers have to work with

If you go into a dealership and offer $20,000 for a $40,000 car, chances are you will get laughed out of the car dealership. That's because the dealer paid much more than $20,000 and is not going to lose money on the car. If you figured out that with Dealer Incentives, and kickbacks, that the dealer only paid $32,000 for the car, an offer of $34,000 may be accepted. You can Compute Car Dealer Price and learn what amount the dealer is working with.

Step 3 - Get a quote from a dealer in your area

Get a free, no-obligation quote from a dealer near you.

If you know what kind of car you want, why not have the dealer come to you. It's like having a friend at a dealership. You submit your vehicle choice, contact information, and your friend will give you a call with the best price for that car. All of this with no obligation.

Get a free, no-obligation quote from a dealer near you.

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