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    1. Often salespeople will use a code to represent numbers. They do this so they can hide their numbers they are using from someone who does not know this code. For example, A=1, B=2, etc., and J=0. The salesperson will often even show you this when calculating things for you. So if you see “CJJJ” next to your trade-in you are getting $3,000 for it. If you know the code you have the advantage not them.
    2. Dealerships will do everything possible to give you the impression that you must buy your vehicle today or you will lose it. They know their best chance to close the deal is when you are at the dealership that day.
    3. Dealerships will also often say they have a buyer for your trade-in. It is great to think that the dealer already has a buyer for your trade-in, and as a result of this they will pay more for your vehicle. It is just another method to get you to trade-in immediately and purchase a vehicle today.
    4. One way salespeople will get a vehicle into your monthly budget is to “stretch the term.” You tell the salesperson you can afford $200 a month. Basically, they will extend the length of the contract as long as possible to fit it in your $200-a-month budget.
    5. The less you say in front of the salesperson the better. This is true because they will use anything you mention in their favor and against you in order to get you to purchase a vehicle as soon as possible and spend as much as possible.
    6. When looking over your trade-in a salesperson might say, “We would give you more for your vehicle, but it needs X and that will cost $250, and Y will costs $200.” They will find anything that might be wrong in order to decrease the trade-in value of your vehicle.
    7. Another way salespeople might manipulate you is by saying, “Well, Mr. Smith maybe this vehicle is too expensive for you. Let’s look at a cheaper vehicle.” They do this to bring out your ego so you want to prove that you can afford the better vehicle and that you can afford to purchase it today.
    8. Yet another method salespeople use is to say, “Mrs. Smith, I have another client interested in this vehicle as well, and this is the last one.” This is done to have you make a decision quickly because there are no other vehicles available. As you know there is another vehicle like that one somewhere in the world for you to purchase.
    9. One other line a salesperson might use is, “You see the manufacturer already discounted the price right here on the window sticker so I do not have any room to move.” This is not true and therefore it is essential for you to haggle, otherwise you will pay too much for the vehicle and then pay interest on that higher price.

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