1. Dealers usually want a profit of 10-20%. This is generally the amount above invoice price (how much the dealer paid).
  2. If the vehicle on the lot is not entirely what you prefer, think about ordering the vehicle to your requirements. This can take longer, and means you pay for your choices - not for what the salesperson pushed you into paying for.
  3. If you know what it is you want and stand your ground, they may provide a similar vehicle costing less, if it nearly the same. For that reason, visit the dealer with a second option in mind.
  4. Letting the dealer interest you too much in a vehicle, revealing your interest in a particular vehicle and being over-excited and badly researched are just some of the reasons that emotions can result in you paying more than you should for a vehicle. Don't give the salesperson the upper hand.
  5. Don't be embarrassed to leave. Think about other ways to collect information and prices so that you aren't compelled to do so in the dealership. When price shopping, make them compare apples to apples using the invoice price, so you can compare the prices in fairness.
  6. Bargain for pricing, rather than what you'll pay every month.
  7. Do not pay for extras. Be willing to pay for destination, license, tax and registration, but not delivery, floor, hadling, or any other made up words for hidden extras.
  8. Be ready to reject extras like rust-proofing and pin-striping, they are expensive and unnecessary.
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